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Therapy Dog charity 'Gentle Dog'

All our breeding bitches are qualified and working therapy dogs. The father of the puppies is always chosen carefully and comes with good visibility of the family tree. We put time and effort into finding the right father for the puppies with good blood line, healthy nerve system and gentle behaviour towards other animals, children and adults. With this we really hope that our puppies will inherit the best characteristics from their parents.

Puppy’s awareness begins to develop in mum’s belly, that’s why we do everything we can to create a safe and secure environment for the mum and to show the little puppies that there is a wonderful world that awaits them.

Well raised and kind dogs have significant effect on human nerve system, which in turn supports physical wellbeing. Spending time with a therapy dog stabilises our nerve system and provides stability and wellbeing to our organism. And inviting such an animal into your home can bring significant changes to your life.

Therapy Dogs can do miracles and help improve people wellbeing both for adults and children. Scientists have shown that animals touch, look or even just their presence can have healing powers stronger than any medicine. The first medical research begun in last century assessing animal impact on humans. The results were unexpected – it turns out that many animals including parrots, dauphins, horses and especially dogs can be our doctors.


Therapy with dogs is recommended for special needs children to stimulate muscle and brain activity and people of all ages after emotional or physical trauma, or to cope stress.
Contact with a therapy dog stimulates activity of nerve cells which in turn normalises our nervous system and our overall wellbeing. During our sessions we have seen that just after 4 visits children with behavioural and concentration problems have become calmer and more able to focus, while less active children have become more social, and those with physical traumas have been keener to join in and push themselves than before. Therapy dogs can also be used to overcome fear of dogs for both adults and children. Each person is different, therefore approach and results will also differ.

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