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About Gamuvel Patou

We are dog breeders Gamuvel Patou with over 10 years experience of breeding Bernese and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs in Lativa. We believe that to a certain extent dogs' qualities and character comes from its parents, for that reason all of our breeding girls are qualified and working therapy dogs. We work with small children and elderly people and visit hospitals, elderly-homes, orphanages and other locations 3 to 5 times a week.

All of our dogs are females, therefore each time we decide to bread we choose the father of the puppies very carefully and get a good visibility of their family tree. We put time and effort into finding the right father for the puppies with good blood line, healthy nerve system and gentle behaviour towards other animals, children and adults. With this we really hope that our puppies will inherit the best characteristics from their parents.

Puppy’s awareness begins to develop in mum’s belly, that’s why we do everything we can to create a safe and secure environment for the mum and to show the little puppies that there is a wonderful world that awaits them.

Well-raised and kind dogs have significant impact on our human physical and emotional health. Spending time with a therapy dog can have significant positive effects on person's wellbeing. And inviting such an animal into your home can bring significant changes to your life.

Breeding dogs is our passion and our greatest wish for our puppies is to find loving and caring homes.

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